This course represents my entire workflow on creating a cinematic commercial video for automotive using Unreal Engine 5 and Lumen. I will not go into detail on every parameter (there are tons of tutorials on youtube), but I’ll show you the one I use daily and some tips and tricks discovered in these past years using the program.
There are three volumes, plus some bonus videos.

  • Video lessons on demand, divided into chapters;
  • High polycount 3D model of the Porsche Misson E (Exterior for VOL.01 and VOL.02, Exterior + Interior for VOL. 03);
  • The project file of the scene in UE5
  • My personal list of all the links I collected during these years to professional YouTuber channels that will help you understand in-depth Unreal Engine 5;
  • Datasheet of the most helpful material nodes;
  • Access to my Discord Group, where you will have my support during the course (family and work permitting) and where you can share your progress with the community.

Please note that I use RTX settings in this course. Please ensure that your graphics card supports these settings.
Before buying this course, please check also the Hardware and Software Specifications on the Unreal Engine Documentation HERE.