About ME

Welcome to my world ! Let me introduce myself, I am a passionate sculptor who melds the traditional with the digital to bring amazing and emotional creations to life.

My passion for sculpture started from a few years ago, when I was experimenting with different traditional materials and traditional tools to give shape to my ideas. Over time, my fascination with technology and innovation led me to explore the exciting world of digital sculpture. Through this fusion, I discovered an unlimited universe of possibilities to create and express myself.

What really excites me is creating models that are then brought to life through the art of painting and 3D printing. Being able to see how my ideas and concepts take shape in the tangible world is an indescribable experience. Each line, each detail and each texture that I add to my digital sculptures are intended to arouse emotions in those who contemplate them.

But my passion does not stop there. My talent also extends to the exciting world of cinema and television series. Working in 3D production for these productions allows me to contribute to the magic of entertainment, helping to create characters, settings and objects that transport audiences to unimaginable worlds.

The creative process is a journey in itself. I plunge into each project with a burning passion and an unwavering commitment to perfection. Each digital sculpture that I create is a story in itself, a narrative that seeks to transcend the barrier between what is real and what is imagined.

For me, being a traditional and digital sculptor is more than a profession, it’s a lifestyle. I feel lucky to be able to create and shape my dreams, and even luckier to share my art with a caring audience like you. Each work I create carries a piece of my heart and soul, and I hope that as you gaze at my creations you will find inspiration and emotion in every line, every curve, and every detail.
Thank you for joining me on this exciting artistic journey.

Here is a phrase for reflection, but you do not want to read more than what exists.

max sarlija

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max sarlija iii